Topic: Ultrasound shows no Fetal Heartbeat
Subject: Pediatrics

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You are an FY2 in the obstetrics department and 31-year-old lady, Tammy Robinson is a G1P0 female who is pregnant at 9th week of gestation and got her antenatal ultrasound done. Transvaginal scan revealed Gestational age of foetus 7 weeks. No foetal heartbeat present. Speak to Tammy about the reports and address her concerns.


You are Tammy Robinson, a 31-year-old female who has been pregnant for the last 9 weeks. You and your husband are looking forward to having the baby. You have had a vaginal brown discharge for the last 2 days. You have no abdominal pain. You have not had any other symptoms. This is your first pregnancy. You have no history of high blood pressure or diabetes.

This is a test results and breaking bad news MIXED CASE. The test results means that you have to know why the patient did the test and then explore history in general. The bad news is that it's miscarriage, and while that may not be as life-threatening as cancer or intracranial hemorrhage, it is still bad news for the patient.