Topic: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Subject: Medicine

Door Tablet Information


You are an FY2 in GP surgery and a 39-year-old male, Benjamin Carter, comes for follow up for his tiredness. He had done labs, but you are not able to access them because the electronic medical record is not working due to software updates being undertaken. Talk to him, assess the patient, and address his concerns. No mini-mental status exam is required for this case.


Your name is Benjamin Carter, a 39-year-old male who is here to review your labs. You had Tdone the labs 2 weeks ago and you were given an appointment to come to review them. You have been feeling tired for the last 8 months. You feel tired all the time, but you seem to find that it gets worse when you do any sort of physical activity, including getting groceries from the supermarket to your car, running, or anything else that requires exertion. You have given up exercising and it has reached a point where you have to ask your wife to get the groceries to the car when you go shopping together. You also have been having difficulties with feeling tired in the morning, despite sleeping enough hours. You sleep about 7-8 hours at night and yet you wake up feeling like you have not slept at all. You have no muscle or body aches. You have no daytime somnolence. You have not had any weight changes, loss of interest in any other activities you used to enjoy, no sense of guilt, or change in appetite. You had a flu-like symptom about 9 months ago and you started to have these symptoms about 3 weeks after that.